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How to Restore iPhone Data From iCloud Backup

With the introduction of IOS version 5.0 was launched in 2011, a press release was made by Apple to offer comprehensive security to iOS device users in terms of data prevention.  The incorporation has also formulated specific plans to prevent the data loss of iPhone users as it revealed the best and feasible way to restore your iPhone data from the previous iCloud backup.
iCloud Customer Service

Various bugs come across suddenly or some blue screen error of death suddenly appears on the screen that vanishes away all your important data such as contacts, important messages and much more that can be quite important for you to run a business. The iOS device users are quite lucky that Apple has been successful in implementing such plans that help them to restore the data back in their iPhone device by pairing it with iCloud storage disk to transmit essential data that has been stored here for an emergency purpose.
To make your iPhone back in use, all necessary data is supposed to be there in iCloud. Though it is incredibly easy to create an iCloud backup, it can’t be an easy cake walk for those who are completely non-technical and have a bit or no knowledge regarding transmitting of backup data back in the iPhone device. In case you get any kind of troubles doing this, just call at the official Apple iCloud customer care phone number to get assistance whenever it matters the most.
First, we should make you aware how backup in iCloud is supposed to be taken.
·        Tap on setting gear as seen in the menu and navigate to the iCloud option
·        Look for a backup option therein.
·        If it is disabled, tap on it to activate the toggle switch.
·        Now, schedule the backup on weekly or bi-weekly or monthly basis. By selecting on the backup now button
Now, it’s high time to know how to restore iPhone data from the iCloud Backup in case the data is lost or deleted. Just implement these steps carefully as a bit of carelessness may leave you nowhere.
Restore Your iPhone Backup from iCloud Server
·        Unlock your iPhone device and tap on setting gear
·        Go to software update option if it is asked to upgrade iOS version.
·        If yes, then continue with the upgrade.
·        Make sure that the internet connection during the OS upgrade should be quite faster than expected.
·        Once the OS upgrade is complete, start following the on-screen instructions and doing this,  the app and data screen will appear.
·        Now Tap restore from iCloud backup
·        For this, you need to sign-in to iCloud with Apple login credentials
·        Now start the backup you need to restore by tapping on options as seen on the list.
·        Select the option to restore my purchases in the iPhone device to get all the Apps that have been purchased till now and installed on the device.
·        Performing all the steps successfully, the press bar will appear that shows the percentage of data being restored in the iPhone device. Stop all the downloads on your device as the Internet connection is supposed to be fast if the backup data is quite larger than expected.

These steps can really help you restore the lost iPhone data from an iCloud server. If you find any bugs that keep troubling you throughout the process of restoring the backup in an iCloud device, then it is highly advised to get in touch with certified techies through official iCloud Customer Service.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Two Simple Steps to Recover Your Yahoo Mail Forgotten Password.

Yahoo mail is a popular Email service used globally. It provides its users with various features to help the users make the most out the same. To use Yahoo mail, it is necessary to have the Email address and password. Sometimes, users tend to forget their Yahoo mail password. This is quite a common issue after which the users can no longer log into their account.

In order to help the Yahoo users to regain back access to their account, it has provided the option to reset the Yahoo password. There are two methods using which you can recover your Yahoo mail forgotten password. These are:

  •          Reset Yahoo password using alternate Email address
  •          Reset Yahoo password using recovery phone number

Based on any of the above methods above, you can recover your Yahoo mail password. In the first method, the account can be recovered by the code sent to your recovery phone number, while in the other case, you can reset your forgot yahoo mail password via the code sent to your phone number.

Steps to recover Yahoo password using alternate Email address:

Recovering Yahoo Email address using the alternate Email address is quite easy. This can be done on your own by going through the steps mentioned below:
  •     Open the Yahoo mail homepage in your browser.
    ·         Here you can find a link available “I do not remember my password”. Click on this link to go to the Yahoo sign in helper page. You can directly go into the Yahoo mail sign in page.
    ·         Enter your Yahoo Email address, or Yahoo recovery Email address or the Yahoo account recovery phone number.
    ·         Now you will be provided with certain options to either receive the code via Email address or via recovery phone number.
    ·         Click on the radio button that says “Yes, send me the code”, right next to the recovery Email address.
    ·         Open your recovery Email and there you can find an Email from Yahoo. This mail contains the recovery code for your account.
    ·         Enter this code in the text box that appears and click on the Continue button.  
    ·         A new webpage appears where you need to enter the new password twice.
    ·         Finally click on the continue button to reset your Yahoo password. 

After following the steps above, you need to update the password on all the apps and devices that you own. This enables you to use the Yahoo account in the same way as before.

Steps to reset Yahoo password using recovery phone number:

Yahoo password reset using recovery phone number is quite easy. For this, you need to have access to your recovery phone number. Just go through some of the options mentioned below to do so:
  •         Go to the Yahoo sign in page in your web browser.
    ·         Fill in your Yahoo Email address, and the recovery phone number.
    ·         Select the radio button right next to the phone number that says “Yes, SMS me a code”.
    ·         You will receive a code into your phone.
    ·         This code needs to be entered into the new page that appears.
    ·         After the verification of the code, you will be asked to enter the password twice in the appropriate text boxes.
    ·         Click on the continue button to update the password. 

It is necessary that you update this password on all the other devices that you are using. This enables you to send and receive Emails.
Sometimes, you may come across some other problems with your Yahoo account. In such a case, just give a call on Yahoo mail contact number and get the problem fixed instantly by the experts. 24*7 support is provided for any problems encountered with Yahoo mail. You are guided over the phone to fix the problem on your own. 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Why Hotmail Users Actually Face Problems During Sign-in?

Windows Live Hotmail, commonly called as Hotmail is among the most popular free online email services, offered by IT giant Microsoft. Most of the people across the world enjoy the free benefits of this free Webmail service through various web browsers. Though many webmail services have emerged with time, Hotmail still remains the most favorite.

Despite being popular, it also has some pity problems alike other webmail services.The sign-in problems and password recovery issues are quite common in Hotmail these days as it kills precious time of users. If you are a Hotmail user and have come across the robust issues while accessing your webmail account, then there can be several reasons that need to be fixed on instant basis.

Isn’t it irritating?

Sometimes, you need to access the mail urgently, but the page is not loading and you are not able to access your mail. After trying several times, you fail to find ways to resolve the problems. It can be quite frustrating. However, technical issues are common in webmail services, but if it is bothering you frequently, then you should dig out the reasons behind.

Here are some common reasons behind the Hotmail Sign-in Problems.

·        Check whether the servers are working properly

 If you are facing trouble while signing up your Hotmail; the reason may be your Hotmail server isn’t working properly. In case, you need any assistance to resolve the problem, you may Contact Email Support.

·        Outdated or damaged driver software
It is one of the main causes you face while logging into Hotmail account. In order to resolve this problem, you need to avail technical help through Microsoft Hotmail support. 

·        Incorrectly configured system files
If you are used to facing trouble while signing into your Hotmail; then you should check whether your system files are configured correctly. You may be not able to dig out the exact reason behind the problems so you may call on a Hotmail phone number for quick assistance.

·        Virus scan may not be updated: 
For smooth access of your Hotmail, it is highly important that you have an updated virus scan. Outdated virus scan can be one of the reasons which affect the smooth access to Hotmail.

·        Make sure cookies are enabled
To access your Hotmail, you must check that the cookies are enabled as it is required to get past the "match the picture" security check.

·        Check whether you are providing relevant sign-in credentials
Incorrect username, email address, or passwords are the foremost factors behind the Hotmail sign-in problems. So even after making several attempts, if you are not able to access your mail, you must check that the required credentials are filled correctly.

·        Your Account may be hacked 
Account hacking is the trending topic of this era. Most of us must have experienced the frustration of email account being hacked. This happens because of weak Hotmail security & privacy. In order to recover your hacked account, you may contact an expertise techie through Hotmail customer service number.

So, if you are also among those people who face frustrating challenges while sign-in their Hotmail; then the above information may help you to resolve the problems. All these mentioned problems are common reasons behind “why you can’t sign in Hotmail”.

How to Restore iPhone Data From iCloud Backup

With the introduction of IOS version 5.0 was launched in 2011, a press release was made by Apple to offer comprehensive security to iOS de...